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Eye Examination


It is important to look after the health of your eyes and an eye examination is the best start. Your eye test is not just about prescribing glasses or contact lenses – during your eye examination your optometrist will check the health of your eyes. Your eye test can give an early warning of serious eye conditions and can even sometimes spot the early signs of some other diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

You should have your eyes checked at least every 2 years – your optometrist may recommend an earlier interval if necessary.

Before your examination, your optometrist will discuss your vision and your eye health. Your optometrist will need to know about your general health, your work, what glasses or contact lenses you currently wear and any medication you may be taking. Your eye test will include some of the following checks:

  • Your distance vision (for TV and driving for example) will be measured
  • Your reading vision will be measured and an assessment of your other visual requirements will be made – for example computer use.
  • Examination of the surface of your eye
  • Examination of the back of your eye
  • An eye pressure test. We can measure your eye pressure using a contact or non-contact (puff of air) method. This is one of the screening tests for the early detection of glaucoma – a condition which can be potentially serious if not detected and treated in good time.
  • A visual field test. During this test you will be presented with a series of small lights to check that your vision is constant across your field of vision
  • Your optometrist will then assess whether you need glasses or contact lenses to correct your vision and if so recommend the optimal prescription for spectacles to suit your needs.