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Children and Eye Care


Just as children visit the dentist at regular intervals from infancy, so it’s worth making regular visits to the family optometrist. Many eyesight defects, such as long or short-sightedness, astigmatism or squint can be inherited, so if there is a history of any of these in your family your child’s eyesight should be tested on a regular basis.

As many as 20% of children may have a problem with their vision – it is essential to correct children’s vision early as untreated defects can harm your child’s vision in later life. Children may not be aware of problems with their vision.

We normally recommend that you have your child’s eyes checked from the age of three onwards, but it’s never too early to take your child for an eye examination if you suspect there may be a problem – particularly if you think your child may have developed a squint. Children under 16 qualify for free regular eye tests paid for by the NHS. All children under 16 can receive free glasses from Gardiner Opticians using their NHS voucher.